Robert's 100% Classic Trilogy Walkthrough Update Topic

Questions and solutions to Wonderland, Return to Wonderland, and Secret Worlds.
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Robert's 100% Classic Trilogy Walkthrough Update Topic

Post by RoberTime » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:33 pm

I used to try this years ago but never got it up high enough, it was on RTW anyway. What I really wanted to do was perform 100% solution video walkthroughs for the whole Wonderland series (Including Adventures trilogy, which I'll put in its respective category later on).

Anyway, I have successfully 100% the first Wonderland game and am good to go for making a full walkthrough series of the game. I will work my way through the worlds in progressive order and then do the Playground/Bonus levels for last. Not only is this a regular walkthrough, I'm even going to do every bonus coin in the game.

Another thing, with Aryan's new archive site live, I had the idea of implementing such video walkthroughs into the archive, the same as many WA segments back in the day. So you may most likely expect these to appear up there.


Training Grounds
Water Palace
Winter in Wonderland


Halls of Undermountain
Top of the World
Desert Cities
Spaced Out
Mixed Up Stinky and Loof
Heart of the Volcano
Jade Temple

Tutorial - Set 1
Tutorial - Set 2
Classic - Back in the Swing of Things
Classic - Temple of Fire
Classic - Haunted Castle
Classic - Robot City
Classic - Secret Garden
Classic - Atlantis
Classic - Underwonderworld
Classic - Retro Gaming Wonderland Style
Classic - At The Edge of Space and Time
Classic - Full Circle
Deluxe - It's a Mystery
Deluxe - Beneath the Foggy Mountains
Deluxe - Qookie's Cottage
Deluxe - Wondertown
Deluxe - And Then There Were Three
Deluxe - Rescue in Space
Deluxe - Secret Passages
Deluxe - Rainbow World
Platinum - Part 1
Platinum - Part 2

Stinky's Cove
Windy Hills/Ruins
Creepy Keep
Foggy Mountains
Fire Island
Forever Forest
The Void
Cloud City
Stinker Rescue
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Re: Robert's 100% Classic Trilogy Walkthrough Update Topic

Post by rainbowmon » Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:35 pm

This could be useful. I know a YouTuber named InMrMenShow (I think she's on the forums by a different name but I don't know) did a bunch of video walkthroughs of the original trilogy but she didn't always get all the bonus coins.

Edit: apparently the YouTuber in question is a she, not a he. Whoops-i-dee-daisy! Sorry about that!
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Re: Robert's 100% Classic Trilogy Walkthrough Update Topic

Post by PhoenixBlaze » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:41 pm

Her name on the forums is Sofoulini.
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