POTZ Level Solutions Request

Questions and solutions for Wonderland Adventures, Mysteries of Fire Island, and Planet of the Z-Bots.
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POTZ Level Solutions Request

Post by Lazy Loof » Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:25 pm

Hello everyone,

I have made the solutions of all the levels and adventures of the Wonderland Games till MOFI available on walkthrough page of the archive site.

But as I mentioned, there are the solutions of only selected adventures of POTZ. I need the user-made solutions of the POTZ adventures to complete this walkthrough page.

So, I would be grateful to you if you could send me the links of video/text solutions for POTZ or let me know if you created a solution on your own.

That's all! I hope you all could help me in this work. I'll really appreciate that. :)
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