Wondertale Adventure #1 - Heartache

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Wondertale Adventure #1 - Heartache

Post by RoberTime » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:30 am

Oh look at that, I FINALLY made an adventure!


1. Heartache
2. ???????????
3. ??????
4. ????? ?? ???????
5. ?????? ?????
6. ????? ???????
7. ??????
8. ???? ???? ?????????
9. ????? ??? ??????
10. ???????????

Okay so here's the thing. I have decided to cancel the Wondertale hub project having no care of any adventure in it but the boss battles, which is why I kept putting it off. I'll let PhoenixBlaze take care of that if he wants to, according to a chat on Discord.

So as you can see here, this series is going to be based on the story and boss battles of Undertale. You can say this was inspired by the neutral Undyne fight adventure, or not. I mean I had just a bit of inspiration from it! This adventure takes place at the end of the Ruins of Undermountain, from the original Wonderland game, where the Player has fallen down into. The keeper of the ruins, Janelle, finds the Player and protects them. However, the Player wants to exit the ruins and escape Undermountain. Janelle then decides to destroy the exit so he cannot escape. The player tries bribing Janelle, but leads into a fight. What do?

This boss battle came out annoying though. Expect to save countless times here. Also sometimes the pop-up dialog may prevent you from loading/saving. But again, this is mainly a test to see what I can do on the subject. This adventure was also supposed to be longer, but had to optimize and cut down to size due to lagging issues. And in case you're wondering, I'm still working on Adventure RoberTime, but it's slowly inching along in progress.

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