Mini-Hub: Hopes and Dreams - Wondertale Finale!

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Mini-Hub: Hopes and Dreams - Wondertale Finale!

Post by RoberTime » Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:35 am


The (Probably) epic finale to the Wondertale series. After overcoming everything there was in Undermountain, reaching the barrier, and making new friends on the way, the player and company attempt to cross the barrier and outside to the Wonderland surface. Or so they thought...

In this mini-hub with 7-8 challenges, the rainbow star Rainbey transforms all monsters of the Undermountain, including himself, to a god of hyperdeath. Stay determined throughout the entire battalion of rainbow spells as you SAVE the world!

Be advised, that you WILL lose in the main part of the hub, which happens to be a battle outside of levels (This happens before the main level segment). You probably won't call this a true mini-hub. If you will, you can call it a "Hubrid" (A hybrid of hub and adventure).

This hub requires my music pack, updated September 23 2018, for the best experience. You also need to have the custom textures included in the zipped file. Enjoy!
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