New Adventure - Five Nights At Stinky's

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New Adventure - Five Nights At Stinky's

Post by jdl » Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:16 pm

AAAAA This took me WAAAAY too long to complete. SO MANY GC BUTTONS.
But anyway, this is my version of Five Nights At Freddy's in WA.

Just some things to point out:
1. No, I'm not making any other "Nights".
2. No, I'm not making FNAS2-4.
3. The adventure may lag a little as a result of so many objects.
4. Press '0' on the numpad to view the cameras better.
5. You may want to go ahead and view the camera images before playing so you know where to look in each image. In-game the camera images are kinda small.
6. You can point out any bugs you may find, but I'm not going to fix them because I'm really tired of messing with this adventure to make sure everything works right. I hope you understand.

The *.wa3 file and required leveltexture are attached at the end of this post, HOWEVER I could not attach the camera images because they were too big. Instead, I have uploaded them off-site. To Patrick: if there is a problem with this, please PM me about it and I will remove the upload ASAP.

Download the camera images by clicking here.

To install, place the "FNAS" folder that's inside the zip into Userdata\Custom\Objecttextures.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Stinky's Massacre

Post by Jutomi » Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:09 pm

This really was scary, jdl :shock:

Thank you for the upload; I've got two videos of me almost constantly leaving the gates up, here. :mrgreen: (Part 1)
and (Part 2)
Your only little stinker that's absolutely NOT a z-bot by this name,
Jutomi~ :mrgreen:

Also, if you want to see my level list, here it is! :D
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Post by MyNameIsKooky » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:38 am

This was a cool adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy's. The mechanisms must have taken a lot of work. Good job and thanks for sharing. :)

Also, maybe I'm dumb, but I kind of had trouble figuring out how to operate the camera feed.

Loof came to visit me a lot. I think he loves me. Fair enough. I love him too. OH YEAAAAAAAAAH!
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Post by jdl » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:54 pm

MyNameIsKooky wrote:This was a cool adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy's. The mechanisms must have taken a lot of work. Good job and thanks for sharing. :)

Also, maybe I'm dumb, but I kind of had trouble figuring out how to operate the camera feed.
Thank you. It really was a lot of work. Taking pictures of the camera images, editing them, importing them into the game, figuring out how to make everything work.. It took quite awhile. I just wish that there was some way I could have done it without it lagging, and to make more than just 4 attacks.

For the cameras, you just need to stand on the orange squares and the different cameras will pop up depending on what square you're standing on. If you keep standing on the same square, the camera will "refresh" by going away for a split second before turning back on. :)
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Post by myuacc1studios » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:12 am

Got killed twice, but i made it! Image
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Post by jdl » Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:32 pm

Was clearing out my PC a little and found the work text file I kept to make this. I don't need it anymore since I don't intend to work on this adventure any further. If you guys are interested in seeing how this all works, here's everything I've written down in it:

Code: Select all

use dialog at the start as the phone call, and deactivate a gate at the end of the dialog to start master director - DONE
master director changes what image the cameras show in order to move the animatronics - DONE
use GC buttons for the master director to play random ambient sounds from time to time - Done
the time will be shown by textured squares - DONE

lighting becomes brighter and exit star activates once "6AM" is reached - DONE
 + at this point the player can use spyeye to look around the building, so make the place detailed - Done
   + 6AM Tune - Done

use glowgem to see when walking to doors:
 + speed of door opening/closing is fast - Done
 + door buttons toggle a GC button to be active that will move NPCs through the door and kill the player - DONE
 + on other side of door is invisible door color changer and door deactivator to be pressed by the NPC characters - Done

camera system using textured squares as cameras:
 + use cmd10 to make a camera noise - Done
 + player steps on GC buttons to move fast thwarts - Done
 + thwarts in hallways stepping on GC buttons to activate the specific camera and deactivate any others and teleport back to start - Done

1-6, 12: 1-6, 12AM Objects
13: Star
100: Thwart
101: Stage Loof
102: Stage Qookie
103: Stage Stinky
104: Loof by left door
105: Qookie by right door
106: Stinky by right door
107: Camera Thwart 1
108: Camera Thwart 2
109: Camera Thwart 3
110: Camera Thwart 4
111: Camera Thwart 5
112: Camera Thwart 6
113: Camera Thwart 7
114: Camera Thwart 8
115: Camera 1 Activator
116: Camera 2 Activator
117: Camera 3 Activator
118: Camera 4 Activator
119: Camera 5 Activator
120: Camera 6 Activator
121: Camera 7 Activator
122: Camera 8 Activator
199: Thwart To Deactivate Cameras
201: West Hall Empty Camera
202: Loof West Hall Camera
203: Backstage Empty Camera
204: Loof Backstage Camera
205: Dining Empty Camera
206: Dining Loof Camera
207: Dining Qookie Camera
208: Dining Stinky Camera
209: Supply Closet Empty Camera
210: Supply Closet Loof Camera
211: Stage Loof Qookie Stinky Camera
212: Stage Qookie Stinky Camera
213: Stage Stinky Camera
214: Stage Empty Camera
215: Thwart In Room Camera
216: Thwart Outside of Door Camera
217: Thwart Gone Camera
218: East Hall Empty Camera
219: East Hall Qookie Camera
220: East Hall Stinky Camera
221: Restroom Empty Camera
222: Restroom Qookie Camera
223: Restroom Stinky Camera
500: Left Door (Red)
501: Right Door (Red)
502: Red Gate (Starts Director)
503: Red Teleporter
505: Orange Gate for leaving the office
508: Orange Teleporter
513: Yellow Teleporter
518: Green Teleporter
523: Cyan Teleporter
525: Left Door (Blue)
526: Right Door (Blue)
528: Indigo Teleporter
533: Violet Teleporter
538: White Teleporter
540: Rainbow Gate for power
541: Rainbow Gate for power
543: Rainbow Teleporter
545: Pirate Cove Door
565: Mushroom Gate
566: Mushroom Gate
567: Mushroom Gate

List of camera images to make & import:
Supply Closet Empty - Done, Imported
Supply Closet Loof - Done, Imported
Backstage Empty - Done, Imported
Backstage Loof - Done, Imported
West Hall Empty - Done, Imported
West Hall Loof - Done, Imported
Stage Loof Qookie Stinky - Done, Imported
Stage Qookie Stinky - Done, Imported
Stage Stinky - Done, Imported
Stage Empty - Done, Imported
Dining Empty - Done, Imported
Dining Loof - Done, Imported
Dining Qookie - Done, Imported
Dining Stinky - Done, Imported
Thwart In Room - Done, Imported
Thwart Outside of Door - Done, Imported
Thwart Gone - Done, Imported
East Hall Empty - Done, Imported
East Hall Qookie - Done, Imported
East Hall Stinky - Done, Imported
Restroom Empty - Done, Imported
Restroom Qookie - Done, Imported
Restroom Stinky - Done, Imported
Camera 1 = Stage
Camera 2 = Dining Area
Camera 3 = Pirate Cove
Camera 4 = West Hall
Camera 5 = Supply Closet
Camera 6 = East Hall
Camera 7 = Backstage
Camera 8 = Restroom

Attack Order:

Director Events:
stageqookiestinky (DONE)      &        diningloof (DONE)
stagestinky (DONE)      &     diningqookie (DONE)      &      backstageloof (DONE)
restroom qookie (DONE)        &          diningloof (DONE)          &         backstageempty (DONE)
loofwesthall (DONE)      &      diningqookie (DONE)      &       restroomempty (DONE)
[qookie in kitchen not seen] & stage empty (DONE) & diningstinky (DONE) & loof supply closet (DONE) & emptywesthall (DONE)
loofattacks (DONE)    &    emptysupplycloset (DONE)    &    stinky restroom (DONE)    &    dining qookie (DONE)
loofwesthall (DONE)    &    qookieeasthall (DONE)    &    dining stinky (DONE)    &    emptyrestroom (DONE)
loofsupplycloset (DONE)    &    emptywesthall (DONE)    &    qookieattacks (DONE)    &    emptyeasthall (DONE)
qookieeasthall (DONE)    &    loofwesthall (DONE)    &    emptysupplycloset (DONE)
diningqookie (DONE)    &    easthallstinky (DONE)
stinkyattacks (DONE)    &    emptyeasthall (DONE)    &    stinkyeasthall after attack (DONE)
stageqookiestinky (DONE)    &    westhallempty (DONE)   &   diningloof (DONE)
dining empty (DONE)   easthallempty (DONE)   &   stageloofqookiestinky (DONE)
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