WA Editor Beta Releases (LATEST V3.05 BETA2 OUT)

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WA Editor Beta Releases (LATEST V3.05 BETA2 OUT)

Post by HumanGamer » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:47 am

(Written by Aryan)

Hello everyone,

This topic is for sharing releases of our work done at OpenWA repository. We'll occasionally post testing releases for you here.
Please cooperate with us and test our builds so we can know your experience in the new features and changes made in the editor

I'm happy to announce the v3.05 second beta release of the WA Editor.
Download here: https://archive.zbots.space/files/WA_Editor_Beta2.zip

  • Custom Bordered Background Support
  • Magic Dischargers that remove magics of specific types
  • New command 18 that changes object tile logic, data1 and data2 are X and Y coordinates and data3 is the object tile logic, this must be in power of two (e.g. it can be 2^0 + 2^1 = 3 and so on)
  • Support for unpacking wa2 files with conversion of Red magic to Rainbow Magic and NPC glasses
  • Sorting of custom adventures by creator names and tag names
  • Support for png, tga and dds textures with transparency
  • Support for *.x and *.b3d models
  • Fixed too much rendering of triangles in text causing slowdowns and MAVs (mostly in Adventure select screen)
  • Fixed improper render tweening that makes game a bit jerky on some computers
  • Restored Null Magic to its original functionality
  • Fixed a number of bugs with Barrel Magic and Prisms
  • Improvements and additions to particle system for gloves
  • Improvements and additions to Glove Icons
  • Changed appearance of rainbow magic
  • Improvements and changes made to Editor UI
[*] New Settings screen in editor

Following are the things in this version that need testing and feedbacks.
  • New Custom Selection Screen UI that allows sorting of custom adventures by creator names and tag names
  • Improvements and changes made to Editor UI
- The new editor UI has changed the positions of normal adjusters like leveltextures to the bottom of the screen and also made the colour darker to prevent eye strains (special thanks to cloudrac3r for suggesting that!) You will need some practise to master it.
- How to use custom textures - to use custom level texture or water texture, point to leveltexture or watertexture label, now shift+left/right click the name of level/water texture and you will get a pop up to enter the name of custom level/water texture.
- To use png, tga or dds texture with transparency, you need to have two files: one [NAME].png, [NAME].tga or [NAME].dds with regular alpha map and second file [NAME].mask.png, [NAME].mask.tga or [NAME].mask.dds which has extracted alpha channel with all except pure white (255,255,255) set to pitch black (0,0,0). In the editor you simply need to enter [NAME].png, [NAME].tga or [NAME].dds (don't forget to put the extension!) in objects of CustomModel category to load these textures.
- Now here's how you can use models: you need [NAME].x, [NAME].b3d or [NAME].3ds model as well as a [NAME].ext (ext can be jpg, bmp, png, tga or dds) texture. In order to use transparency offered by png, tga or dds you will also need a file [NAME].masked.ext (ext can be png, tga or dds) which has extracted alpha channel with all except pure white (255,255,255) set to pitch black (0,0,0). In the editor simply put [NAME] (without the extension!) and the editor will load all the files.

Hope you will enjoy,
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Re: WA Editor Beta Releases (LATEST V3.05 BETA2 OUT)

Post by Aryan » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:40 pm

WA Editor v3.05 Beta 2 Released!

Here is the link: https://archive.zbots.space/files/WA_Editor_Beta2.zip

  • Implemented Settings UI where you can toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes, as well as new and old editor UI (editor uses new UI by default)
  • Added support for png, tga and dds textures as made by Pawelec here: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27857&p=366119#p366119
  • Added support for *.x and *.b3d models
  • Locations of new assets changed to NewModels and NewSounds folder in Data folder
  • Minor improvements to spellball colours and Bounce glovecharger.
  • Visual improvements to GloveDischarges
  • Some bug-fixings
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