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WA Editor Beta Releases

Post by HumanGamer » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:47 am

Hello everyone,

This topic is for sharing releases of our work done at OpenWA repository. We'll occasionally post testing releases for you here.
Please cooperate with us and test our builds so we can know your experience in the new features and changes made in the editor

Sorry, there are no beta releases currently available. Come back here soon for a new release!

If you have any bug reports, feedbacks, queries etc you are free to post here.
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Post by Aryan » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:40 pm

WA Editor OLD Beta 2 Released!

Here is the link: https://archive.zbots.space/files/WA_Editor_Beta2.zip

  • Implemented Settings UI where you can toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes, as well as new and old editor UI (editor uses new UI by default)
  • Added support for png, tga and dds textures as made by Pawelec here: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27857&p=366119#p366119
  • Added support for *.x and *.b3d models
  • Locations of new assets changed to NewModels and NewSounds folder in Data folder
  • Minor improvements to spellball colours and Bounce glovecharger.
  • Visual improvements to GloveDischarges
  • Some bug-fixings
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Post by Aryan » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:05 am

WA Editor v10.2.0-Beta1 Released!

Here is the link: https://archive.zbots.space/WAE/WA_Editor_Beta.zip

1. Features
  • You can now select almost any colour between 0-15 for teleporters, gems, cuboids, laser gates and star trails
  • Bridges and springs are now available in all the colours
  • Custom textures applicable to block gates, flipbridges and transporters
  • There are now two types of bridges: one with SubType 1 that respond to colour changes and SubType 0 for backward compatibility
  • Enabled ModelName modifier in the editor, made it work like custom texture - ?ModelPath instead of !CustomModel and TextData0, backward compatibility preserved
  • Side effect of the latter: custom meshes can use custom textures without any problem now (see new Custom Tex preset)
  • Removed Tex .wop presets and enabled TextureName in all default presets in their place
  • Added Multi-Object mode in the editor
    • number of objects on tile displayed next to X,Y coordinates
    • Ctrl+Left Click places objects without deleting other objects on tile
    • Ctrl+Right Click cycles copies object parameters cycling through objects on tile
    • Ctrl+Del deletes last copied object from tile (just Del deletes all objects on tile)
  • Added homing behavior added for spellballs
  • Added OSE (Open Source Extension) i.e you can set custom configurations for adventures by using a script file similar to INI
    • Now you can modify general behavior of an adventure using a file named 'options.ose' in the adventure folder
    • Currently only Global section and Version variable is supported
    • It specifies the game if it should run the adventure as it was in legacy editor or in new editor
2. Improvements
  • Unified object read/write code for editor and player hence objects appear same in both editor and player
  • Colour textures are now created from selected button texture and shared in the whole .wlv
  • Remastered textures for keycards, transporters and both conveyor types
  • All the custom textures are loaded only once and shared between the objects (huge performance improvement)
  • Object Oriented Programming used for objects which speeds up editor (player needs testing)
  • Included GNU FreeMono font so font display is less OS-dependent
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Post by Aryan » Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:13 am

WA Editor v10.2.0-Beta2 Released!

Here is the link: https://archive.zbots.space/WAE/WA_Editor_Beta2.zip

1. Features
  • New secret feature (PM me on how to use that)
  • Now you can use hotkeys for saving or loading games
    • L+[NUMBER] loads the game from save slot [NUMBER] if it exists
    • Ctrl+[NUMBER] saves the game to slot [NUMBER]
  • New "undo slot"
    • If you load a save, the current game is saved in "undo slot"
    • If you overwrite a save, then that save is saved in "undo slot"
    • To access the "undo slot", press L+U
  • New option to switch font in Settings screen
  • Toll gate now supports negative cost# values
  • Coin gate with negative cost# value will have its cost: PlayerCoins+Cost(or -Cost since it is negative)
2. Improvements
  • Many tweaks and fixes to the code
  • Fixed crash on playing Multimagic adventures
  • Fixed MAV on creating new player
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