The Ultimate Wonderland Map Project*

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The Ultimate Wonderland Map Project*

Post by RoberTime » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:45 am

*The project will feature original (Not fanmade) places only!

I was thinking about this the other day, or maybe even the past few years or so. What if there was a map of Wonderland, aside from the one in WSW and even part of the concept drawing before WA, that could be deemed the most complete map of Wonderland? However, that is if all six of the Wonderland games were canon. And note: What I intend to make in the long run as an "Ultimate" map of Wonderland, will be as if it IS canon, but with few exceptions (Such as Stinky/Loof's old home, and the Edge of Space and Time, from RTW).

Basically, the idea of this project was to compose a map highly similar to that of WSW, but combined with additional worlds and other places beyond, as per TOW, RTW, and WA places outside of the mainland, such as Sundog Island. I will actually draw the whole map myself. Mind you, I will NOT be posting on Deviantart anymore (Because Deviantart is stupid, imo).

Before I start drawing, I am brainstorming what I could include in this map project. To start, I should include the wide majority of WSW locations. Followed by WA trilogy locations, and work around the map with non-WSW TOW places. Also, if you are wondering about maps of planets outside Wonderland, there is a possibility I could do it after or with the whole Wonderland map.

If you have anything that may have slipped past my mind for brainstorming places to add to the map, please take note here so I can list it down!

==LOCATION LIST (Temporarily)==

Stinky's Cove:
Stinky's House
Loof's House

Windy Hills:
Windy Hills Caves
Bridge to Wondertown
Temple of Fire
Rainbow Pool
Forest Maze
Jade Temple
Willow Rock (Further south)
Water Palace (Near shores along Willow Rock)

Peegue's House
Wonderland Temple Project
Wonderland Gateway
Town Square
Wondertown Canals
The Old Windmill (Unless if WA is the same Windmill)
Wondertown Fortress (Or whatever it was called?)
Wondertown Sewers
Hero Shrine
Abandoned Warehouse
The Crazy Box Factory
Gateway to the Z-Bot Station

Lazy Leaf Woods/Plains:
Mushroom Grove/Farm
Hedge Maze/Labyrinth
River Delta
Ocean View Harbor
Qookie's Cottage
Creepy Keep/Haunted Castle
Secret Garden

Foggy Mountains:
Crystal Lake
Foggy Peak
Alien Resort
The Halls of Undermountain
Avalanche Alley
Cloud City
Training Grounds/Full Circle

Fire Island:
The Great Wonderland Sea
Kaboom! Village
Acid Pools
Heart of the Volcano
Lava Outlet
(Mystery) Archipelago
Mystery Island

Forever Forest:
Forest's End
Academy of Magic
Forbidden Forest
Lonely Top
Thwart Encampment
Star Machine

Wasteland/The Void:
Desert Cities
The Shack
Stinker Temple (Beyond Void)

Sundog Island:
Abandoned Mine
Ice Troll Fortress
In-progress mega-adventure: Neoland Quest
In-progress hub: ???
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Re: The Ultimate Wonderland Map Project*

Post by OondiLalaLoopy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:55 am

I think all the games are canon and have fluid continuity story wise
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