Maze Model request

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Maze Model request

Post by Tech Warrior » Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:32 pm


I am not even certain that anyone will see this due to inactivity, but I'm putting this out there in the event somebody does, and is able to, build this model. I have no knowledge of how to build models, else I would try to do it myself, but I am hoping this isn't too difficult.

The level concept:

You are in a 3D maze, but you cannot see the layout due to the texture pack (both the texture and background are pitch black). Coins and shadow stinkers are hidden in the maze. You can see them, but you cannot see how to get to them.

What I need is:

A 3D model of the maze, which will stand upright, showing the layout of the maze, and the starting locations of the shadow stinkers (not the coins - you can see those). You will be able to see this model from all four angles, so it would need to be four models, rotated each 90 degrees), effectively. This will let you see the layout of the maze from wherever you are within it. If the idea seems doable for anyone, I'll send you the level file so you can see the layout of the maze (will also provide a pixel-by-pixel layout of the maze done in Paint).

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this concept. Let me know if clarification on the concept is needed.
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