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Cheat Code

Post by Midnight Synergy » Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:07 am


Don't read this unless you are DESPERATE!

Having a cheat code for a game can quickly ruin its fun. The point of a cheat code should only be if to use it if you have been truly stuck on a level for a LOOOONG time and are getting too frustrated with the game.

Probably the most enjoyment and satisfaction for this game comes from struggling with a puzzle for a long time and then FINALLY cracking it yourself.

So by posting a cheat code I feel that I must strongly urge you to resist using it. It can take the fun out of the game.

Having said all that, if you really need a code, I suppose there's no reason that I should withhold it.

The following cheat code allows you to skip (almost) any adventure in WA, WAMOFI, and WAPOTZ.

Highlight to read (but, please, don't read it! I mean it! ;)):
To finish any adventure, once you're in the adventure, press "5" (not on the NUMPAD keys) and then very quickly press CTRL-F12.
Again, I take no responsibility for any effect that this will have on your ultimate enjoyment of the game. You have been warned. 8)
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