Alternate way on MOFI's "Rescue Mission"

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Alternate way on MOFI's "Rescue Mission"

Post by Muzozavr » Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:03 pm

So I was thinking on how to minimize the use of chargers and wasn't successful.

... so, instead, I tried to break the level... and voila. :wink:

Did a quick search -- I don't think anyone knows this yet. It's so completely ridiculous!

In short, this is a strategy that will allow you to get out with nine POW charges (instead of the usual two) and even to recharge your POW as many times as you like. I don't think this is the fastest way through the level, but the trick behind it deserves to be shared -- especially because it allows you to essentially not solve the entire rest of the puzzle. :lol:
Get 9 POWs:

1) Get two kabooms out through the teleporters. You'll need them.
2) Get POW and remove the first collapsible bridge so that it doesn't mess you up later. Then step on the orange button.
3) Put kaboom 1 on the orange gate. Put kaboom 2 to the left of kaboom 1, blocking it.
4) Step left once -- you will switch places with kaboom 1. The gate stays open the whole time.
5) DO NOT step left the second time, otherwise kaboom 1 will follow and kill itself in the gate. Instead, use your mouse to move kaboom 1 to the right, then HOLD the left arrow key to get out. You should be able to step off the orange gate before it closes.


1) Put kaboom 1 on the button.
2) Walk in, then step on the POW charger.
3) Put kaboom 2 to the left of the orange gate, just like before.
4) Step left, kaboom 1 will also move left on the orange gate.
5) As before, step left once more to switch places with kaboom 1, then move it away from the button and hold left to get out yourself.
There, rest of the puzzle broken. :roll: :wink:
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