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Replay this Adventure

Post by nasko222 » Sun Oct 11, 2020 8:01 am

while i was making wonderman's revenge part 3. I noticed that the adventure stars with data0 of 0 become used adventure star if the adventure is completed, therefore being able to pass through them.

So i made this level to simply show up this mechanic.

What is going on is, there are treasure area and the path is guarded by these adventure stars. In order to get the stuff, you have to replay this adventure. You have to beat it without the treasure and then come back again.

For a rather simple adventure, it comes a great way to do interesting stuff. I have an idea where in a certain area, there may be easter egg
zone, but it will be only available if you beat the level.
The posibilities are endless.

For those who ask, if there is a way, the stars ALWAYS to be activated, set data0 to 1. It won't do MAV to the game if you step on them (at least in 0.96)
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