how the gate sequence works.

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how the gate sequence works.

Post by nasko222 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:55 am

I did some tests recently about which gate opens first when you use a key. Some guys told me its clockwise, other guys told me its counter clockwise.

The answer is not that simple

Apperantly, In the game code. when you use a key, the game starts to check the array of objects and opens the first one that passes the restrictions
(in our case, the gate id) (for example red subcolor1 will be 501). That means that if you start placing doors from left to right. And if you use the key. it will always open the door to the left first, hence you placed that door first in the editor. So to answer this question, it is completely customizable.

I made a test level to test those stuff out. In the editor you can't really see, but note that the gates are placed in this order as well. The problem comes if you delete a gate after you place a hundred of objects. Then you have to do the whole array thingey again (put all the doors again)
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