My 3rd Level - Tentacle Maze

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My 3rd Level - Tentacle Maze

Post by Wonderland King » Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:55 am

Well, this is awkward. :oops:

The level was created for Pawelec's Weekly Challenge Project, however, my plan had been to keep it until the deadline in case I came up with any new ideas or revisions. Unfortunately, as I kind of dropped the ball, the project was cancelled before I got the chance to submit it. Since then, I had gotten a new computer, and until recently, I had thought this level was lost in the transition - fortunately, I recently found where it was hiding. However, as this was two years ago, I seem to have forgotten the solution, and I don't have it written or recorded anywhere. File information has told me it's possible, but I'm not sure how.

Enjoy, and uh, feel free to let me know if you can figure it out. Hopefully I'm not just missing something super obvious, but then again, those of you who were around at the release of the WA3E know how bad I am at playing my own levels. :P

EDIT: Jutomi has found the solution!
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Weekly Wonder!

Post by Jutomi » Fri May 13, 2016 8:44 pm

Hello, Wonderland King! :D

I have to say, I almost lost faith in solving this adventure - in fact I did. :oops:

I was very close, but then there was something wrong(the orange button's placement), so I spent about 8 videos trying, and eventually deleted them.

Then the answer came to me at 3:40 AM :lol:

So, I hope you enjoy! :D

Click here for the video solution of mine!
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Also, if you want to see my level list, here it is! :D
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Post by Wonderland King » Fri May 13, 2016 11:23 pm

Thank you, and congratulations! :D Some of those steps struck me as familiar, so I think that's actually the intended route, at least for the most part. Good to know the difficulty wasn't just me. :wink:
Jutomi wrote:the answer came to me at 3:40 AM
Well, I'm currently operating on 3.5 hours of sleep. I'm doing better than you'd think. :P
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Re: My 3rd Level - Tentacle Maze

Post by ab-47 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:06 am

(Huge bump I'm sorry) :oops:

Wooo! Thank you for the level, I finished it with an extra flo charge, this was really fun to beat nonetheless. :)
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