The Magic Cuboid - Part 12

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The Magic Cuboid - Part 12

Post by Nobody » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:41 pm

Season 1
Parts 1-10
Season 2
Part 11
Part 12 (You Are Here)

Things you should download if you haven't:
Nobody & Ice's Merged Music Pack v1 (If you really don't want to download this it's fine as long as you have .oggs 140-205 (all of them!), but I'd still recommend it because I updated one of the tracks used in this adventure to sound better)
Sammy_P's Boring Music Pack [Version 3]
Kooky's WA3E Music Pack
The Cute Cuboid's Leveltexture
Red Desert Leveltexture
VR Custom Leveltexture
VR Custom Objecttextures
Rainbow Arrows

Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, here's the latest installment of my and Samuel's familicide-centric adventure series.

Driven into hiding after getting more than they bargained for during recent missions, our heroes are left with several unanswered questions. The most pressing of those questions: Which member of the Evil Family will find them first...?

Viewer discretion is advised, but honestly, if you're jumping straight into the twelfth entry of a story-driven series, that probably makes you an indiscriminate viewer.
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Re: The Magic Cuboid - Part 12

Post by Sammy_P » Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:09 pm

Holy crap. Everything about this level was just... friggin' amazing!!! Looking at what you've set me up with for the next part, I'm really excited. Making Part 13 is gonna be quite a blast. :)

(Also, literally all the writing in this was god-tier. Lots of insane character stuff happening and I love it.)
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Re: The Magic Cuboid - Part 12

Post by MyNameIsKooky » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:49 am

Very good work! You're a beast for putting together this whole adventure within just a few days. Every time I thought the adventure was about to end, there was more. If you continue to work at this pace, you'll build up quite the legacy!

+ The writing was definitely the best part of the adventure. Seeing the characters interact with each other was very entertaining.
+ Icky's whole sequence was the most fun part of the adventure by far. Both puzzles were very satisfying to solve. Also, the music was a banger. I'm hoping we see more of him and his crew. He's already one of my favorite characters. I'm loving the Mall Santas too - they seem to have a lot of potential.
+ It's very interesting to see a certain family's dynamics at work. This series' antagonists severely needed to be fleshed out, and this adventure certainly delivered.
+ Neeby is an intriguing character, and it's cool that she seems to have her own hobbies. She adds some much-needed friction to the harem. Hopefully we learn more about her soon.
+ The "Roomie" dynamic is hilarious. Your gag moments remain consistently funny. The orange boi in general is a character I want to see more of.

- There were too many sections that demanded precise timing or precise movement. The second rainbow bubble room comes to mind as a particularly tedious exercise, despite being an interesting concept on paper. I feel like the adventure might have been better off without having these sections at all, even if it means there will be less playtime overall. That might just be my bias showing as a diehard WA fan who lived through the WA1E era and got jaded by all of the "save every 3 seconds to make sure you do this perfectly" challenges.
- There were a ton of scenes where character details were revealed through exposition (i.e. telling rather than showing). This applies both to the harem's sleuthing meeting at the very start of the adventure and to the Mall Santas' introduction. At times it felt more like I was reading a supplementary guidebook about the characters than actually learning about them through their behaviors and interactions. The orange boi's exposition was sort of an exception, since his writing is entertaining and it was quite interesting to see how he viewed his family.

This adventure has (literally) opened up a multiverse of fascinating story possibilities that this series can further explore. Very good work, and I look forward to seeing how your adventure creation style evolves and changes as this story proceeds!
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