WonderScape Adventure Essentials [v1]

Leveltextures, Custom Icons, etc. for Wonderland Adventures.
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WonderScape Adventure Essentials [v1]

Post by RoberTime » Fri Jul 03, 2020 3:50 am

As my first WonderScape (RuneScape quest recreations) adventure releases, so does this topic of content and mods. I will update this page as I make more of them. This contains a new music pack, set of custom item icons, and perhaps other things down the road.

Note: The music pack is only meant for the custom music version of each WonderScape adventure. There will be no need to download it if you are playing the alternate version with regular WA music. All the other custom content, however, is required for the best experience.

Music Pack 1

31 [1F] - "Harmony"
32 [20] - "Autumn Voyage"
33 [21] - "Flute Salad"


Icon Pack 1
icons osws1.bmp
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