Urxon Toolkit

Leveltextures, Custom Icons, etc. for Wonderland Adventures.
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Urxon Toolkit

Post by MyNameIsKooky » Tue Mar 30, 2021 4:22 am

For anyone who wants to make their own Urxon puzzles, I have provided a toolkit for use in the editor.

To install, simply unzip the attachment in the editor's root folder.

The contents are as follows:

- The Urxon icons.
- Wonderland object presets (wops) for Urxon items.
- The objects that create and disable the Urxon item particle effects are also provided as wops, for those willing to abuse the flip glitch for the sake of aesthetics. (Alternatively, if you're like me, you could use a modded editor that lets you endlessly stack objects on the same tile without having to use the flip glitch.) These objects use IDs 200-206.
- A wlv template for anyone who wants to make puzzles involving Urxons. The wlv contains each Urxon object along with the full mechanism. Urxon 5 (Flash) is not incorporated in the mechanism since Flash does not work properly with Urxons, but I have included it in the provided wop files for completion's sake. Object IDs 250-260 are used by the mechanism. Make sure to have any ordinary objects not use ID -1, so that they don't get affected by the mechanism. For instance, I get by with using ID 0 for standard objects. Make sure that you keep the initial general command at the player's starting location, otherwise the wlv will MAV.
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