Cadence's Boring ObjectPresets

Leveltextures, Custom Icons, etc. for Wonderland Adventures.
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Cadence's Boring ObjectPresets

Post by cloudrac3r » Mon Jul 04, 2022 1:39 am

I reorganised the .wop files in ObjectPresets to make more sense to my brain.

Notable changes include removing the retro category, moving commands out of the buttons category, and removing .wop files that were needed before MNIKEditor made all adjusters available.

My new pack uses the following levels of categorisation:

Code: Select all

Creatures [hostile and passive creatures]
   Creatures - ZBots
   Creatures - Monsters [non-stinker non-zbot creatures]
   Weird [decoration items that are extremely unusual, or don't fit into the location categories, such as the ship]
Design [essentials for designing and navigating any kind of adventure]
   LevelExits [includes stinker exit and adventure star]
   NPCs [stinkers, boomers, trolls, thwarts, wysp]
Puzzle [elements that are most likely to be used for puzzles, not story adventures]
   Boxes [includes barrels and modded prism]
   Bridges [includes floats, transporters, and other ways to cross water]
   Buttons [does not include commands]
   Gates [includes laser gate]
   Traps [cage trap and fire trap, since I couldn't think of where else to put these]
To install this, rename the built-in folder Data/Editor/ObjectPresets to "ObjectPresets (original)", then put my ObjectPresets folder in its place.
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