Jutomi's Music Pack (Edition 3)

Leveltextures, Custom Icons, etc. for Wonderland Adventures.
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Jutomi's Music Pack (Edition 3)

Post by Jutomi » Thu Mar 30, 2023 8:35 pm

Welp, now that Coup Collab is out, I can release this without creating too many spoilers! :lol: (play it smh)

I fully intend on having a second edition out when Apocollab comes out. :P

Edition 1:

80000: Yuo Aztec Dark Spawn Generation (Me) ¹ {odd}
80001: Peter Gunn theme song (idk who honestly) ² {Action Detective Theme Song}
80002: Yuowander (Me) ¹ {Calm, Chill}
80003: Boss 1 / The Confrontation (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) ³ {Boss, Action}
80004: (_Fpepepepepe) Noife (Me) ¹ {Weird, Silly}
80005: Spongebob's Pizza Toss - Main Theme (Sarbakan) {Cute, Silly}
80006: Car Wash (Rose Royce, 1976) {Major Pop Song. And A Meme!}
80007: Car Wash (Rose Royce, 1976)⁴ {Same as above, choice cut for comedic effect}
80008: Some nature sounds I found on youtube {Ambient, Chill}
80009: Lumibot (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Mildly Tense}
80010: Red Light above (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Slow, Sad}
80011: Crossroads (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Pleasant}
80012: Freeze / The Perfect Snowball (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Chill}
80013: Fire / Things Are Heating Up (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Intimidating}
80014: Castle Action / Storming the Fortress (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Spookyish, Light}
80015: The Dealer's Shuffle (Spore) {Quirky}

¹ Yes I made these lol. 80000 was made using samples from the games though.
² Well, a trimmed version anyway. Forgot the above track was 80000 and not 80001 so I uh... filled it with this. >_>
³ It's slowed down because I didn't realize it had to be converted from 48000 to 44100 hz. M'bad. (Still sounds nice tho)
⁴ Choice cut for comedic effect. Plus it just deserves two spots.

Edition 2:

80016: Castle Ambient / Forgotten Castle (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Spookyish, Light, Ambient}
80017: Graveyard (???, Spiral Knights) {Creepy, Fairly Ambient}
80018: Candlestick Keep (???, Spiral Knights) {Scary, Tense}
80019: Citadel Ambient / The Clockwork Citadel (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Percussion, Ambient}
80020: Citadel Action / Something Stirs in the Citadel (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Percussion, Orchestral}
80021: Munitions / Roar of the Munitions Factory (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Dark, Industrial, Intimidating}
80022: Royal Jelly / Two Slimes Are Better Than One (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Light, Bouncy, Quirky}
80023: Beast / Claws of Nature (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Tribal}
80024: Sky Island Day Action / Sky Island Skirmish (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) ⁵ {Happy, 8-Bit}
80025: Treasure Vault / Lucky Knight (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Fun, Light}
80026: Construct / Around the Clock Workshop (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Jazzy, Industrial}
80027: Shock / Shocking Synthesizers (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Mildly Actiony}
80028: Fiend / Fiendish March (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Orchestral}
80029: Gremlin / Mettle of a Gremlin (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Orchestral}
80030: Somber / Sombre Reflection (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Sad, Eerie}
80031: Unknown Passage (???, Spiral Knights) {Horror, Ambient}
80032: Undead / Phantom Dirge (Beware) (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Spooky, Orchestral}
80033: Dreadful / Rotten to the Core (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Creepy, Ambient}
80034: Apocrea (???, Spiral Knights) {Horror, Ambient}
80035: Creepy Ambient / Don't Make A Sound (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Creepy, Ambient}
80036: Creepy Action / Buzzkill (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Creepy, Tense}
80037: Slime / Lichen to a Polyp (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Nightly Adventurous? idk I'm bad with these descriptions}
80038: SFX Layer Volcano (???, Spiral Knights) {Ambience, Dying Wind in a Microphone}
80039: Wildwoods / Gloam and Snarl (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Mystical, Adventurous}
80040: Crimson / King Tinkizar's Command (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Orchestral, Intimidating, Dramatic}
80041: Whitespace Swarm / Shadow's Swarm (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {8-bit, Light, Tense, Intimidating}
80042: Sanctuary / A Good Knight's Rest (Harry Mack, Spiral Knights) {Calming, Warm, Orchestral}
80043: Blocks That Matter (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Quirky, Light}
80044: Contrevent (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Calming, Floaty}
80045: Spacebot (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Not sure how to describe it}
80046: Free-floating (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Atmospheric, Calm}
80047: Infiltration (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Aquatic, Calm}
80048: Watabot (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Atmospheric, Muffled}
80049: Hertz of Glass (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Electrical, Mildly Eerie}
80050: Keystone (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) ⁶ {Quirky, Active, Percussive, 4-Part}
80051: Laws of Attraction (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Groovy}
80052: Electric City (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Unsure}
80053: Turbot (Morusque, Tetrobot and Co.) {Quirky, Light - very similar to 80043}
80054: EvilToyCo Factory Zone 2 (Part 2) (Mick Gordon, Attack of the Toybots) {Industrial, Tense, Orchestral}
80055: EvilToyCo Factory Zone 2 (Part 1) (Mick Gordon, Attack of the Toybots) {Industrial, Upbeat, Tapdancing}

⁵ Actually appeared, alongside 80003, on this forum before; LexieTheFox introduced these two as 9000 and 9001. The download no longer seems to work though, so I readded it to this music pack if anyone wants it. :P
⁶ Split into four tracks in-game, but I kept all four cause... I felt like it. xD

Edition 3:

79990: The Troll Song
79991: Grox Anthem (Spore)
79992: Baby Shark (I'm sorry)
79993: Nyan Cat
79994: The Cuppycake Song
79995: Caramelldansen
79996: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
79997: YMCA - Village People
79998: The Duck Song


80056: Big Band Bug (Xotla) {microtonal big band}
80057: Rive (Xotla) {microtonal funk/blues}
80058: Time Mayfly (Xotla) {microtonal spy music}
80059: Mollusc Merchant (Xotla) {microtonal etherial big band ???}
80060: ClubhOuseFunk (Dimitar Milev) {microtonal funk}
80061: Knucklebusters (Platypus II**) ⁸ {mechanical, atmospheric, experimental}
80062: High Score (Platypus II) ⁹ / Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2 Theme {villagey}
80063: Level 3 / Terra Cresta (Platypus II) {blues, spacey}
80064: High Score (Platypus) {spacey, chill}
80065: Baddie Tune 1 [Part 1] (Platypus) ¹⁰ {bombastic, warlike, orchestral}
80066: Baddie Tune 1 [Part 2/3] (Platypus) ¹⁰ {light, orchestral}
80067: Baddie Tune 1 [Part 4] (Platypus) ¹⁰ {atmospheric, dark, mysterious}
80068: Baddie Tune 2 (Platypus) {boss}
80069: Level 4 (Platypus) {dark, atmospheric, alien}
80070: Xitic Title Theme {lighter, arcade}
80071: Overflowin4 (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {mambo-ish, experimental, microtonal}
80072: Wax (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {cute, comfortable, microtonal}
80073: Bpatrol (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {bees I guess, experimental, microtonal}
80074: Mountaincall (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {cute, chill, microtonal}
80075: Stick Bug (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {meme, chaotic-quirky, microtonal}
80076: Ant Challenge (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {marching, experimental, microtonal}
80077: Drone (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {dark, experimental, microtonal}
80078: Gbtune (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {quirky, experimental, microtonal}
80079: Starhall (Zurfox, Bee Swarm Simulator) {calm, atmospheric, microtonal?}
80080: IBEX (Blast!10, Softlock Sokobun) ¹¹ {Cute}
80081: Kicker Initiation Ceremony (Blast!10, Softlock Sokobun) ¹¹ {whimsical, quirky}
80082: Main Menu / Track 0 (Super Granny Winter Wonderland) {wintery, bells}
80083: Nocturne / Track 1 (Granny in Paradise) {quirky... idk how else to describe it}
80084: Main Menu (Super Granny 1) {calm, mildly jazzy, quirky}
80085: Track 1 (Super Granny 1) {quirky, sneaky}
80086: Track 2 (Super Granny 1) {quirky, bouncy}
80087: Track 3 (Super Granny 1) {swingy, quirky, bouncy}
80088: Las Vegas (Super Granny 4) {big band, jazzy, vegas}
80089: Egypt (Super Granny 4) {deserty, adventurous}
80090: Cannery (Super Granny 4) {mechanical, panicky, villainous}

⁷ These were placed before 80000 because they're horrendous meme tracks. Sub-80000 plebs. (Mostly for trolling / shock value. But also a lot are good songs.)
⁸ The opening to a much longer track used in Platypus II; a different section was used for this.
⁹ A lot of Platypus tracks were based on older music, namely from Commodore 64. Not sure the full titles of the first game's set.
¹⁰ All one track in Platypus I; only the first one is played in the game itself however, while the others are movements from the full OST.
¹¹ Yes, our Blast!10, i.e. Yuv/Ibex. Created for the 2023 GMTK Game Jam by the epicorders.

⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ <- reference numbers
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Re: Jutomi's Music Pack (Edition 2)

Post by Jutomi » Wed Apr 12, 2023 2:03 am

Aight, Volume 2 is out! Woooo!!!!!

"That was fast..." It took me all day 😂

"Wait did you literally just record and dump the whole soundtracks from Spiral Knights and Tetrobot and Co. into audacity and port them to .oggs?" n-NO!!!! Just the ones I may very well use... 👉👈 "And only them" THERE'S TOYBOX IN THERE...

"So they're just the whole soundtracks minus a select few tracks" THEY'RE SO GOOD 😭

Seriously though I love the soundtracks to both these games (especially Spiral Knights... as well as a good few others [slime rancher, ori, hollow knight, mighty switch force 2, etc.] but I haven't chucked any of those in Wonderland to see how they fit atmospherically yet). And while this is certainly a lot, I absolutely have plans for a good few of these... and a few more I'm keeping secret for my main Apocollab entry. :lol:

I also wanted to release this because... well, I probably won't be using some of these (namely the better part of the horror tracks). But since Apocollab's been announced, and the new meta seems to be about creating particularly deranged adventures... well, I figured I'd give everyone a few more options. :P

Hope you all enjoy! And seriously do check these soundtracks out :lol:
Your only little stinker that's absolutely NOT a z-bot by this name,
Jutomi~ :mrgreen:

Also, if you want to see my level list, here it is! :D
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Oh, and my YT wonderland channel. Forgot about that.
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Re: Jutomi's Music Pack (Edition 3)

Post by Jutomi » Fri Aug 11, 2023 2:47 pm

Edition 3 is now out! This one took me two days :?

Well, to be fair, I had taken a long time figuring out what order the tracks should go in (since they're by different creators and I wanted to keep them largely together based on that), but I also took a fair bit of time looking through other soundtracks. Plus I also had to edit a good chunk of these (and others not public yet) either because they were in multiple parts with very different aesthetics, or didn't loop very well. Surprising amount of work involved >_>

This time I also added a meme section before 80000 because... why not? :lol: Mostly to troll people in my own adventures at some point when they least expect it, but others are welcome to as well. They're below 80000 because they are basically memes and I didn't want them plaguing the already poisoned 80k+ tracks that I've basically claimed at this point. Minimal effort was put into editing these.

Hope to eventually add some more soundtracks, namely Slime Rancher, Kevin Macleod (a bit memey at this point but my god some of his stuff is good), and a couple other surprises and other things I'm still thinking about looking at. (I already have a few saved and even converted to ogg as a result of trying to fit them together lol.) In the meantime, hope you all enjoy!
Your only little stinker that's absolutely NOT a z-bot by this name,
Jutomi~ :mrgreen:

Also, if you want to see my level list, here it is! :D
(Also: List of Hubs, WA Manual)
Oh, and my YT wonderland channel. Forgot about that.
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