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Re: WA Editor Updates, Ideas & Suggestion Thread

Post by Pawelec » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:38 pm

GPU switch doesn't really seem useful because of D3D8 age, modern GPUs don't support it anyway (I have to use DLLs from dgVoodoo to wrap it to DX11).

Given the problem with JPG artefacts I'd consider loading them in mode 1. I've already done enough experiments with file extensions to understand the system so if you'd like me to take care of the code I'm ready to do that (I'd add support for all available file formats: X, B3D and 3DS for meshes, DDS, PNG, TGA, BMP and JPG, order based on file format functionality with vanilla defaults searched for at the very end to maintain backward compatibility).

Now, the major problem is there isn't a general code for processing textures, especially the editor is problematic because there is separate code for loading the level from wlv and separate for newly added entities. The main problem is every vanilla case (simple textures and more elaborate ones like buttons etc.) is done separately, custom models have their own code and custom textures have their own while except for these elaborate vanilla cases all objects using single texture could share code which requires only texture file path with extension as input and takes different action if DDS/PNG/TGA (mode 2), BMP (mode 4) or JPG (mode 1) texture is given.

I'd need some time to understand your new file structure. I think separating code into pieces is a good way to go, I'd try to merge vanilla mesh/texture name handling between the editor and player for convenience.

And for ideas: I have no idea what you planned for Magic Turrets but I've had a similar idea some time ago and now it could be extended to retro cannons. Magic turret could be a button-controlled magic shooter which is subject to rotator control and shoots magic. They could be divided into two types: shooting like a canon (no target tile, can rotate 45 degrees) and shooting a bit like Grow wraith (target given as Forward and Deviation: target tile is F tiles in the facing direction + D (can be negative) in perpendicular direction, this however is limited to 90 degree turns and requires maintaining the direction of the turret mesh to face the target tile).

OK, finally solved it, tested and I'm sure it works. Sadly I don't think it's possible to extract alpha channel in Blitz3D so I made a version using two textures per object: one is the regular one with alpha you'd like to use, second is extracted alpha channel with all except pure white (255,255,255) set to pitch black (0,0,0) which is loaded in masked mode. The hack concept is we render texture with alpha on a child which is placed on top of the target entity with the texture being nothing different than the mask. This has many downsides but I'm afraid it's the best Blitz3D can offer. The only thing which needs to be chosen is file naming convention, in my prototype I went for tname.ext (.ext = .dds, .png or .tga) and tname.mask.ext, the code with CopyEntity is ran only if tname.mask.ext file is found, otherwise the texture is loaded in mode 1+4.
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Re: WA Editor Updates, Ideas & Suggestion Thread

Post by RoberTime » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:49 pm

Hope this is the correct topic to put this since it says "Ideas" in the title...

So I have zero experience in Open Source, as well as that of Blitz3D/coding/whatever-it-was for modding WA, but I just had this idea for WA or potentially RTW: Stinker is You

Honestly, I don't know how this would work given I don't know the boundaries of modding, etc. but basically, the title is self-explanatory if you know which other game I am referring to. If the player stinker can be manipulated to easily modify properties of all kinds of objects (Probably not including tiles), I could see the player as a chomper, item, or other, stretching my obvious idea even further.

What do you all think about this one?
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Re: WA Editor Updates, Ideas & Suggestion Thread

Post by rainbowmon » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:26 pm

Baba is You: Wonderland Edition huh? That's a pretty cool concept, but (whilst I don't have any experience with this kind of thing either), I'd say it would likely be EXTREMELY ambitious, since there's so many crazy things you'd have to do to replicate Baba's mechanics.
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