All Speedrun mods that i made + Example Runs

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All Speedrun mods that i made + Example Runs

Post by nasko222 » Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:01 pm

First one is POTZ ASG, But there is 1.1 update of the speedrun patch where i restore the infiniblink support (by me and billy bob). Example runs:

Second one is WA1, Inventory Fix. In WA1 if you open inventory and then close and open fast it wont show any items and will be ghost opened. This mostly helps to dupe items with custom Item (pyramid mask or WA3 level easter egg) (mod by me and HumanGamer) Example run: Coming soon!

Third one is for WA2, Its still in progress because it have crash bugs. Talking about Infiniblink again. Example run:

Source code coming soon when i complete WA2 mod, which will be never cuz im dumb nerd :D :stinkyhappy: . Seeya

PS: In, the WA1 invfix category is a thing and u can download the speedrun patch, same for WA3 with the new version for infiniblink patch. For WA2 its now only available on the speedrunning discord because i'm working on it :stinkylol:
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