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Wonderland Open Source Projects List

Post by Lazy Loof » Sun Dec 29, 2019 1:53 pm

In order to avoid confusions regarding the various on going projects related to Wonderland, I have made this list so we can have all projects in one place. It will be updated regularly.

To make things easy, I am grouping all the projects into three groups: Ongoing, Halted, Obsolete and Upcoming

A. Ongoing
These projects are currently undergoing.

1.OpenWA - viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27848
It is actually the name of the GitLab repository which hosts the WA Editor source code which is entirely written in BlitzBasic programming language. It is updated with commits and the OpenWA releases are actually the compiled versions of the master branch of this repository.
However most users refer to openwa releases as "modded editor" so that's the main source of confusion.

2. WASharp (WA#) - viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27906
It is also the name of the repository and probably the whole C# remake. It is the C# port of BB code in OpenWA repository. It would be refactored and also ported to monogame.
In future, we will completely switch to C# so OpenWA repository hosted may be made read only.

B. Halted
These projects are partially done but their development is currently stopped.

1. WonderlandPlus.NET - link unavailable
This is the C# remake of classic trilogy games including RTW, TOW, WSW (to be added in future). It is halted since the WA Editor was made Open Source. HG said he may work on it again once RTW is open source. He may port the code of upcoming RTW# to WonderlandPlus.NET.

C. Obsolete
These projects are old and will be/are merged with the above ones.

1. WonderPlus - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=27106
This is actually a mod of WA Editor released by HG a long time ago. All its features are now merged with OpenWA.

2. WAPlus.NET (aka WAPlus, WA.NET) - link unavailable
It was the C# remake of WA Trilogy games before MS officially made WA open source. HG said that he may make a mod out of WA# and release as WAPlus, which would only include editor and player, i.e support for custom adventures and hubs.

D. Upcoming
These projects could be upcoming in future. Note that names are placeholders.

1. OpenRTW - link unavailable
GitLab repository hosting RTW code written entirely in BB programming language. This project may even doesn't exist and we may directly work on RTW#.

2. RTWSharp (RTW#) - link unavailable
It will also be the name of the repositary and the C# port of OpenRTW or official RTW code from scratch.
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