A proposal for organization

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A proposal for organization

Post by Sammy_P » Thu Feb 02, 2023 8:45 pm

Hey, so one thing that's been sliiiightly irking me when browsing the Open Source board is struggling to figure out where everything is-- like documentation for the OpenWA-exclusive commands was at one point only ever listed on some topic that I can't even find now, not to mention I honestly didn't even realize WA# was supposed to be the continuing version following OpenWA (I'm guessing considering the v11.0.0 version number). Sorry for neglecting it up until this point, since that is a really great project that runs well so far.

Ultimately I would like to have some slight reorganization of the topics on the Open Source board, mostly pinning various other topics or marking some as announcements for visibility and making or revising a couple others (the Open Source Projects List would be absolutely blessed to have now in an updated form). It would greatly help with accessibility for the Open Source field going forward and would help other users too. I'm kinda willing to undergo this organizing if no one else has the time and yes this is me indirectly asking for mod perms here. :P

Speaking of accessibility, some others and I (mostly the others) have been working on a major revision of the old manual from a few years back to add new information for both the OpenWA editor and the MNIKEditor, including things that are missing in the current version of the manual and random things that have been discovered in the past year. I can post that later on for further crowd opinion/revision at some point.
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