V2.65 - Custom Stories and Chinese

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V2.65 - Custom Stories and Chinese

Post by David » Sun Apr 02, 2023 3:40 am

Just released V2.65, a major update adding new features, The game now allows you to design your own multi-chapter custom stories and export them into a single .loof file. There is a new Organize Custom Stories form that allows you to add and edit chapters, move levels between chapters, and delete levels, chapters, and stories. As well, the Save To form now supports adding and editing chapters. See the Release Notes for a full list of changes.

I know this update has been a long time coming. Part of the reason is that it’s a major update requiring a lot of development and testing. But there were a couple of others:

Most important, I’m no longer the only developer on this project! I’ve had some collaborators join, one of whom has added Linux and Mac support (so maybe Steam Deck is in the future! – I’ll look at that after the Windows version is out of beta). Another has volunteered to do a Chinese translation. This is huge – the whole purpose of this project is to expose Wonderland to a new generation of players, and this adds another billion or so potential players, most of whom have never seen the original game. A new target language requires significant involvement from me, to create a base machine translation; to package the text files in a form that the translator can work with; and to merge translated text back into the game. The game currently includes the initial machine translation. I’ve just received the first set of curated translations, and these will be in the next update. So if any of you read Chinese, that’s now part of the beta!

The other reason is more mundane: I’ve been ill – not Covid, but pretty unpleasant, and it slowed me down quite a bit. But I’m over it now and will be able to start knocking off issues once I complete integrating the first set of Chinese updates. The bulk of the remaining issues are cosmetic, so hopefully they’ll be relatively quick to resolve.
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