V2.66 - Curated Chinese and improved 1st person POV (View 3d)

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V2.66 - Curated Chinese and improved 1st person POV (View 3d)

Post by David » Thu Apr 06, 2023 11:20 pm

Just released V2.66. This update includes the first set of curated Chinese translations (so the Chinese is no longer just a machine translation). The bulk of the Chinese other than level messages (signs) should be accurate, so please log translation issues if you're playing in Chinese. This update also includes significant improvements to first-person POV mode (aka View3D). See the Release Notes for the full list of changes.

BTW, if you are playing in Chinese and would like to assist with the translation, please let me know. If you're fluent in any other language and would like to curate a translation, please also let me know. You can be part of spreading the glory of Wonderland to the rest of the world!
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