New Game Comming Soon:Wonderland Platformer(demo 2 out)

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Post by ^_^ » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:51 pm

they shouldn't be on YouTube, but buyable in game.
(you said we will be able to buy chatrooms and stuff)
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Post by boywhoflies » Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:47 pm

Ok, It will be that way(if I get a program to record), but that means you will only have fullscreen, not windowed(the files appear on the desktop(or whatever folder you have it in), if it is not fullscreen you will be amble to view them without buying them).

Also,I posted a topic with a list of things to be done on the WP fourms, and here is a bunch of stuff I edited into a post, but I don't think anyone saw:

3 things:

1:Is there a card that you would like added?So far there are all the playable charecters, Wee Stinker, and Fireflower.There are some others that will probaly be added, but I don't feel like listing them.

2:Should I add a Card section to the fourms so you can upload screenshots and show off your collection(after demo 3 is out, of course)?

3:Here is the storyline that is going to be used so far(if you want to find out for yourself, don't hilight!):
Rainbow magic has to come from somewhere, right?There are 7 islands, one for each spell, in a circle.They suply all rainbow magic.But now a new one formed in the center, the one that powers blast.It has a lot of energy, and is overpowering all the other islands.That is making the spells activate in random places without spellbals and being overpowred.So people are warping to random places(blink), towns are floding(splash), things are lighting on fire(pow) and that goes on.Blast is the magic of evil(wich makes it realy hard to use if it's not for evil, wich is only someone as talented as Moklin can use it), and that is what is going on.You(Stinky) realize about the random spells, and go to investigate(you don't know about blast island yet).You run into Loof, Qookie, Peegue, Morklin, Pootsy,and Swashy and Zapper(together)(In that order).When you find Morklin, he tells you about the islands.You go to get more help, since you can't get there on your own.When you find Swashy, he uses his ship to get evreyone to the islands.Each island is a level(Floing island, then Pow island,then Pop island,then Grow island,then Brr island, then Splash island,then Blink island).Lastly, you go to Blast island.Blast island is the final boss.It shoots lazers at you(blast) and makes explogens.They hurt you(in that level they won't be allmost instant death like normal), but they also destroy whatever ground they toutch(don't worry, there will be water at the bottom with unbreckabe ground under it offscreen)(This probaly makes Morklin the best charecter for it, since he can use those lazers).When all the island is gone, you finish the level and the game.For some unexplainable reason, you can still fight the island and use Blast. lol

Edit to the "Edit":In the storyline, I forgot something:
The overpowerd magic is why no magic zones where made, so you can stand in it and be unharmed.

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