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Welcome to the Wonderland Level Exchange and Discussion Forums. This is a service for you to meet other players, discuss the game, trade levels and solutions, and much, much more. Please read the following, especially point (2) - Forum Rules.

(1) How To Register
If you are just browsing as a guest, you can read messages, however you will not be able to post or reply to messages, or download custom levels. To register, click "Register" in the top-right corner. You will need to provide a login name, a password and a valid e-mail address. Other information is optional. Press Submit. An activation message will be sent to your e-mail... follow its instructions to validate your account.

(2) Forum Rules
This is your place to talk, but we do ask you to follow a few rules.

a) Participate
This forum is a community of Wonderland players. As a result, while Midnight Synergy Staff will moderate discussions and answer questions on occasion, please do not ask questions to us directly (or, if you do, please be patient with us until we get back to you). Instead, we ask you to post questions to all forum users, and share your own knowledge with others, in order to help build a strong community that will benefit everyone.

b) Objectionable Content
Remember that this forum is frequented by younger children as well as adult players. Please try to keep your language in check. Swearing, off-colour jokes, links or images with questionable content, and heated political discussions are among the content that might get you banned from these forums. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can do that - this forum is for discussion of the Wonderland games.

If you see objectionable content: Everyone's definition of "objectionable" varies. We ask you, if you take offense to a post, to send the poster a private message. If you are the poster, we ask that you edit your posts for all reasonable requests. In case of persistant or very serious matters (e.g. post of criminal or pornographic nature) please contact us directly.

c) Stay On-Topic
This forum has two purposes - (i) to allow you to discuss the Wonderland games, get help on levels, and share custom level creations, and (ii) to meet and interact with friends you have made on this forum. For most forum sections, it is important that you keep posts on-topic for each thread. Remember that this is a valuable internet resource for many players, and that its value will be diminished if too many posts go off-topic (i.e. try to keep the "signal-to-noise" ratio good). The "Off-Topic" and "Meet & Greet" areas have been specifically created for your need to socialize and just be silly.

d) Play Nice!
We hope to create a friendly and respectful environment for you, and we ask you to help us keep it that way. Keep personal attacks and arguments out of the posts - you may use private messages for that purpose, if must be. We'd just prefer that, before sending someone a scathing message, you instead take a nice walk, get some fresh air, and hopefully return to the discussion calmed and refreshed.

(3) How to Download Custom Levels
i) Open any message post that contains a level in the Classic or Deluxe Level discussion area.
ii) Make sure you are registered and have logged in. Otherwise levels will not show up in this message.
iii) If you are successfully logged in, you should see a "LEV" symbol with "Download" underneath it. Click on "Download".
iv) A standard windows download box will appear. Click on Save.
v) Select your 'Return To Wonderland/Custom Levels' directory and press save. If you already have a level with that name in this directory, rename either file, or the old version will be overwritten.

Note: Custom Levels always are *.LEV (classic) or *.LV5 (deluxe). Do not download any other types of files, in particular *.exe files, unless you know exactly what they do.

(4) How to post/upload custom levels
i) Create your Level and Save it, then visit the Level Exchange.
ii) Go to the appropriate forum, Classic (LEV) or Deluxe (LV5). Don't forget to log in.
iii) Click the "New Topic" button.
iv) As the subject, type "New Level:", followed by the level's name.
v) Type a short description in the main message area.
vi) At the bottom, you'll see "Add an attachment". Click "Browse".
vii) Open the 'Return To Wonderland/Custom Levels' directory.
viii) Find and double click on the level you wish to post.
ix) Click on Add Attachment - the level is added to the bottom of the page.
x) Click on Submit to post the message.

(5) Other Files/Images
You are welcome to use an image in posts and in your signature or avatar. However, we ask that you do not over-use images. Remember that (i) they add to the size of the overall discussion board, and will slow it down over time, (ii) they are slow to download for users without high-speed internet connections, and (iii) they can affect the readability of threads if too many images are present.

The following rules are in effect:

a. Signature or Avatar Images
Please use either a signature image or an avatar image, not both. If you use
(i) an Avatar Image: this image/animation can be 120x120 pixels large. You may still use a single line of text, but no images or multi-line text for your signature.
(ii) a Signature Image: Please ensure that your signature image/animation are up to 120 pixels long (i.e. vertical). You are also limited to a single line of text before or after the image, but no avatar image or multi-line signature text.
(iii) no Image: if you use neither avatar nor signature image, your signature may be up to three lines of text long.

b. Images in Posts
Do not use more than one image in your post, and keep them on the smaller side for improved readability. The exception for this rule is the "Off-Topic" area of the forum. Here you may post several images and larger images in each post.

(6) Introductions
There is a "Meet & Greet" area on this board. Please feel free to introduce yourself - a great first step in meeting your many new friends on this board.

(7) Disclaimer
Please note that we cannot take responsibility for other people's message posts. We will however try to remove any objectionable posts and report any illegal activity.

That's all, folks! Have fun and enjoy the game!