New Adventure - Chromatic Workshop I

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New Adventure - Chromatic Workshop I

Post by RoberTime » Thu Nov 26, 2020 5:10 am

- Chromatic Workshop I

This is going to be a series highly inspired by my favorite RuneScape 3 questline, back before RuneScape 3 was even a thing. At first, I wanted to keep doing RuneScape quest style adventures, speaking of which, But immediately figured it wasn't worth it at all if I did EVERY quest in the shape of WA, considering the small community of ours.

So what is this curious underground facility that is the Chromatic Workshop? When the player analyzes a loose book of the temple project in Wondertown, the book teaches them about a long lost chrome-like metal called "chromite" which was used to create the finest weaponry in the world. However, the book also mentions the lockdown of the workshop.

After reading the book, the player picks up a key from the book, as well as knowledge of a crafting recipe to make a shield out of chromite. They must then take the key to the secret entrance leading into the forgotten, redundant workshop to get it working again. Can you operate everything and put the workshop back in order? Can you successfully mine, smelt, and smith armor out of this strange new metal?

Here are some facts during the process of this adventure: This is the first time I used advanced dialogue commands and custom items icons en masse. And I have to say, considering how heavy it was with said elements, it took quite some elbow grease to get what I wanted in result, which kept falling flat. So don't mind me when there are a few places of this adventure that turn a few screws loose. I'll refrain from doing it too much in the next adventure in the series. Stay tuned!
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