Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

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Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by MyNameIsKooky » Thu Mar 23, 2023 1:19 am


Logo by Sammy_P

This hub is an installment in the Wonderland Endeavors series of collabs. Go check it out if you enjoy this collab!

This time, it's not as much of a time capsule.

At the time of writing this post, I can confidently say that this is the most ambitious Wonderland Adventures collab project that PCPuzzle has seen.

With 505 .wlvs and 902 .dias, we've created a truly enormous monster. (And yes, a non-trivial portion of that is the hub alone.)

Thanks to all who participated!

Now let's go show Peegue what we're made of.


Nobody: His writing style is still among the most consistently funny I've ever seen, and that really shined in his work this year. I hope to one day see his story writing and imagination reach a wider audience, because it is definitely worthy of that.

Janjan: Their talent as a designer, a musician, and a Jokester is stellar. They went above and beyond in terms of crafting what is... An Experience. I was blown away. They will be a big deal some day. Also, their feature requests were fundamental in the early days of my custom WA editor.

Garirry: I am impressed by the scope of what he has created. His work was fundamental in setting the scene for the Wondertown Coup Collab. He took my very picky feedback very well, making lots of good revisions. He also brought custom Stinker NPC accessories to my attention, which opened a whole new world of possibilities to me and inspired upgrades to my custom WA editor. He used lots of clever tricks to make his adventure function the way it does, which I learned a few things from!

Cadence: They went above and beyond in their efforts, even creating their own original custom models for their entry. They even built their own custom dialogue editor, which is pretty impressive. Their feedback about my editor has been incredibly valuable. Did I mention this was the first time they ever worked with the WA editor? Whoa!!

Joseppey: He's another newcomer to the WA editor, and his contribution to the Wondertown Coup Collab has a very unique feel to it, with puzzles that have a flavor I rarely experience in other adventures. As our resident puzzle guardian angel, he knows how to push any brain to its limit. It's always a wonderful feeling to have a new voice in these collab projects! He worked very hard to revise his entry a lot for me, and it's quite possibly the entry that has changed the most between its initial version and its release. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again.

Samuel: His work has a certain goofy charm, and playing his entry this time might be the most I've ever laughed while playing Wonderland Adventures. I was corresponding closely with him back when I was finishing the Job Interview Collab, and his passion and imagination were similarly motivating while I was building the Wondertown Coup Collab's hub. His suggestions for editor features have also consistently been incredibly valuable.

Cookie: Creating many lovely puzzles, his frequent use of the WA editor has inspired me to work hard on increasing my editor's power. As one of the biggest contemporary creators of custom adventures, his work is top-tier. He is able to set the mood very well with his unique and unforgettable scenery, along with his engaging character writing. Don't miss out on what he contributed to this collab!

Ash: It was such an honor to have the creator of the iconic The Hidden Archive series participate in this collab. I am immensely impressed by the scope and quality of what he has created. He's among the cream of the crop in terms of pushing Wonderland Adventures to its limits and designing unique and challenging puzzles. Definitely also check out his other work if you haven't already!

Jutomi: The very mention of his name strikes fear into the hearts of mortals. His entry this time is incredibly powerful and features some technological marvels along with beautiful cutscenes. You won't soon forget it!

Minimus: It's been a long time since I've seen an adventure from him, and his return is truly bombastic. His scenery has an immensely unique feel and his environments are absolutely gorgeous. It is thanks to him that we have realized the benefits of using negative lighting values. I think everyone needs to experience his entry!

MyNameIsKooky: Hey, that's me! In addition to my own collab entry, I also worked on almost all of the hub areas and wrote almost all of the hub dialogue.











Wonderman: Though his contribution was small, his work inspired Cadence, who probably would not have submitted an entry to this collab otherwise.

Nasko: His dedication to WA is impressive! He was unable to finish his entry in time, but I was able to reuse several of the wlvs he built, which strongly influenced the design of some of the hub.


STEP 1: If you are using OpenWA (which I strongly recommend), make sure that you are on version 10.3.2 or higher. If you are using vanilla, you can skip this step. This hub has not been tested on WASharp, so I can't guarantee accurate behavior on that!

Install Nobody & Ice's Merged Music Pack Version 1 or higher.

Install Joseppey's Music Pack Version 1 or higher.

Install Samuel's Marvelous WA Editor Show Tunes Version 4 or higher.

Install Cookie's Music Pack Version 5 or higher.

Install Master Wonder Mage's PotZ Music Pack.

Download the actual hub here (too big for PCPuzzle). Unzip in your editor root folder.

Enjoy the collab!
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by Nobody » Thu Mar 23, 2023 1:28 am

Awww cute post!! :pirateredface:

Next, I'll utilize a clever "playing the video game" technique to trick everyone into thinking I know what this is.
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by cloudrac3r » Thu Mar 23, 2023 5:29 am

Wonderland is truly, truly back.
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by Sammy_Bro » Thu Mar 23, 2023 9:00 am

who dare wakens me from my slumber :!:
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by nasko222 » Thu Mar 23, 2023 12:53 pm

GINORMUS THING!!! I'm downloading as we speak :D
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by Sammy_P » Mon Mar 27, 2023 5:59 pm

I doubt I'm even halfway through this yet but my god this is incredible. Really good proof that the WA engine can be used as a fantastic medium of puzzling and storytelling and I love it.

Thanks, MyNameIsKooky. ThyNameIsKooky.
Sammy_Bro wrote:
Thu Mar 23, 2023 9:00 am
who dare wakens me from my slumber :!:
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by ab-47 » Tue Mar 28, 2023 2:33 am

:shock: ...

I have no words...

I checked with MNIK and It looks like I have finished the main story, but I'll be working to get the 100% completion mark, as well as repeating some entries.

I will also be writing another post in detail for each and every entry expressing my thoughts whenever I get the chance to. As of now I just need to sit back and think about this incredible journey of an adventure I just played! :lol:
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by Nobody » Wed Mar 29, 2023 3:41 am

Hey everyone, I totally know what this is! :mrgreen:

It has an ending, and I know what that is.

What I'm experiencing is called "The Burden of Knowledge".
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by ab-47 » Thu Mar 30, 2023 4:22 am

Random tip: if you want to censor things properly, use color #f0f0f0 inside a quote box, honk! :mrgreen:

I just finished writing my thoughts for each and every entry (except one for good reasons) and I will be posting them alphabetically. I will also hide it with a quote + gray text so no one will get any spoilers, unless they finished / want to spoil the story for themselves, but I tried my best to keep things superficial and focus mainly on what I enjoyed from each entry. This probably has ~4000 words in total. I also put up my favorite dialog or thing that happened in each entry; there may be some grammatical / spelling issues, so sorry about that, I don't do a great job expressing my thoughts, but here it is!


No man deserves to live in a world where Tik Tok exists. ~ You, the player

Hey, this is me! I don't have much to say and would usually receive feedback to improve my work for the future, but I will mention a few facts during the development of this:
1- I was VERY late in my entry, I started in late November and tried to get a lot of content done before the first deadline, but only ended up with a third of what I wanted (the only thing I was 100% done with were the puzzles, so don’t worry, you won’t be dealing with 27 puzzles if I did start earlier LOL. ) :oops:
2- Stealth part was going to be also playable in the second wlv where you alternate between rooftops and the streets against patrolling zbots, but sadly I was short on time and had to scrap the whole idea, leaving it only for the first wlv. (entrance)
3- This is big spoilers, but I wanted a level where the custom model’s butt would have a lot of screentime while fighting off the enemy at the finale, but unfortunately I had to scrap that too. :(
I don’t want to talk too much about my entry, onto the next one! :arrow:

Sounds like a you issue. ~ You, the player. Wow that’s cold.

The amount of detail this entry has is just.... Whew, I can’t believe that you made the custom models on your own, they are so cute and well-designed, really fantastic design!
This story felt like something out of the original Wonderland Adventures, the plot, the characters, and some of the levels are oozing from detail, wowee (“they’re treating you like dogwat-“ ok maybe not entirely from the originals, but you get the idea!) :lol:
Experimental Spikeyball puzzles: Although simple, they were really fun and I liked the gimmick, thanks!
Keypad: A mechanism! I love mechanisms. It's a bold move to hop into doing mechanisms as a newcomer, but this was so finely made it felt like you are well experienced with the editor, amazing work!
Overall, if this is your first time using the editor and its this high-quality production, I am extremely excited to see more from you! Thank you for making this, and thank you for the dialog editor!
P.S. It looks like there's a Transporter puzzle that I missed, once I'm done solving it I will update my review as it seems quite tough, but I'll keep trying!

Peegue's Mysterious Disapperance

His guilty pleasure is watching anime. ~ Eisen
I love anime… And I hate Peegue. ~ Lucy

If there's one thing you always get right, its consistency. everything feels freshly designed and well-thought of, you never go for a risk that could negatively impact the story or gameplay, and you stay in your lane for all the good reasons. In the end, you managed to make this entry (especially when you were running out of time, too!) and it was fun!
First puzzle: god I felt a little dumb, BUT THIS NPC IS DUMBER WHAT IS THIS PATHFINDING MAN. I like the yell feature, good little misdirection too.
Kitchen: Very cute and cozy scenery, I bet this Eisen guy thinks he’s really smart, too. The dialogs were also fun to read on this one!
Second puzzle: A lot easier than the first one, but also cute, thanks!
Mayor’s Hall: Hilarious cutscenes, and great dialog, loved this one!
Third Puzzle: Dude, for this one I spent 35 minutes just planning where to eat and I forgot about this puzzle, at the end of the day I chose no place because the other person whom I was supposed to go out with got busy, so yeah :( ….. oh also nice puzzle, best one from the three.
That scene: diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie diediediediediedie CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE, good effort on this one though.
Boss fight: Ah yes, great music selection, and a solid boss battle against stinkzilla! I know that you wanted the boss to be randomized, but you made it fixed due to lack of time. It was still a good boss fight!
Overall, I’m glad you pushed through and managed to get this released, given how busy you were with your assignments, this was an enjoyable experience that I absolutely loved and I bet others will enjoy it as much as I did, thanks!


LOL, Cope harder. ~ Prison Guard Who’s into Anime girls’ body pillows

God that quote really made me laugh hard. :lol:
This is one of the few levels I get to play from you, and wow, what a great way to start this crazy hub! As much as the story is leaning more towards the serious side, the writing is hilarious (especially the prison guard, that one killed me because it came out of the blue, it was just something I wouldn’t expect with how the story was flowing.)
First puzzle area with the arcade machine: I really liked the idea where you need to run back throughout the whole puzzle and somewhat undo some of the progress you’ve made to get out of that place, the puzzles were relatively simple but it was enjoyable!
The town design is very orderly and neatly made, something I’d see from an oldschool 2D RPG game, which is very interesting.
Council Scene: one of the more notable dialogs that I enjoyed reading, I like how Peegue just displayed your average "democratic" voting session, how ironic and funny.
Car crossing scene, Zapbot version: god that part has a really cool concept but I got frustrated at some point trying to cross and continuously getting eradicated from the zapbot beams, I really like the idea nonetheless.
Finale: Great plot twist. Of course for a guy like me, I don’t get double crossed, so I had to choose the “sparing Peegue” route.
This is a solid entry, a great representation of Peegue, and possibly the best start of this series, thank you for making this, now watch me cope harder! 8)



“If only I could just… vault over…” ~You, the player

Hey, you’re also rather new into adventure making! I liked the aesthetics of this one very much, you really have a unique way to express an ominous setting and I think you did fantastic! Here’s some notable things I wanted to mention:
First puzzle: Really cool, I liked the order of the col bridges that had to be used in order to effectively use the magic, noice!
Pastoral but it gets disturbing: Okay, I like how things go south, and it feels like someone realizing they’re in a nightmare, but god, the music was too jarring for me, it felt like a constant jolt when pastoral starts lagging and there’s an intensive, glitch-like bass and I honestly had to lower my computer volume in order to play this, I really love that this is possibly the first remix ever done for a Wonderland soundtrack, but sorry I’m not good friends with loud noises LOL. :oops:
Another thing I want to point out is that the water chompers don’t even spawn if you stand still for a minute at the beginning, ultimately cheesing the first puzzle.
Truth: Wow, I don’t know how far in you’ve reached in the coup, but I hope you realized how much have you shaped the plot of the coup collab from your entry alone. The area you created with the wraiths was super cool and it reminded me of Nier Automata’s third run, an experience that I wouldn’t forget. Thank you. Oh, and I actually loved the 8-bit music here, solid choice!
I really hope to see more of your work in the future, thanks again! :D


Ooh, what a sick burn! Just like the burns that killed Boomy!
SHUT. THE. HELL. UP!!! ~Eugeep and the player

I am baffled that this is your first ever released adventure in WAE3, and it was truly admirable! You have a complex understanding with how mechanisms work and I am very intrigued with how you pulled off the intricate ones. Great job!
First Puzzle: It’s alright, a good introduction for the pain that’s about to come! :twisted:
Trial of Reason, first puzzle: God, this is such a great puzzle. The only thing that slightly bugged me was the random yellow key that can be accessed through hidden walls, but I blame myself for not focusing properly with the dialogs, this puzzle was really fun and I enjoyed the tricks you used.
Trial of Reason, second puzzle: Okay, using the music adjust command in order to make a non-traditional puzzle in WA is so sick that I can’t believe no one came up with this before, I love it. However, I got super lucky with the three tiles I needed to step on, mostly because I was just aimlessly wandering while trying to understand your nuclear code so I can legitimately solve it, but I still love how you used audio to get one half of the code.
Trial of Companionship, first area: Those moobot puzzles, so delicious and fun, my only wish was having a little more from these because you make them so entertaining to play. I really enjoyed messing around with this level, it was super good!
Trial of Companionship, bonus area: Frame-perfect dodging is needed for this one, especially the beginning, and god it was frustrating. I’m glad the moobot puzzle that came along just cooled off the tension from the fireflower dodging part, being quite entertaining to solve my side while Boomy is doing everything in his power to ruin my progress. :lol:
Peegue Dating: I have no words, this is peak Wonderland content and I can’t believe I had the honor to sleep with Peegue, and ON MY FIRST DATE, TOO. Thank you. :cry:
Ice Rink: I like the idea, but I wish it was slightly easier because there was a certain degree of RNG into it, good concept regardless!
Wordle: who would have thought that we really needed a Wordle based mechanism in Wonderland? I think you presented your mechanism designing skills excellently, and it was an absolutely based decision to add this, thanks!
Chomper spam: I really like the idea, but its got to the point where it became truly incomprehensible. I believe there’s a fine line between something that is challenging and something that is frustrating, and you kept fluctuating back in forth throughout the adventure with the intensity of the action sequences, at times it felt truly satisfying to pull it off, and other times you just wish it to end. Loved the cars at the end!
Boss: Similar to my point above, but less frustrating and I love the UI, very impressed with the mechanisms you designed here, I think the moves are completely randomized but I may be mistaken, great boss battle and ingenious idea!
Overall, you came into the WAE3 community with a BOOM, and this was really fun and creative, and I genuinely would want to see more from your work, thank you so much for making this!


, this is the best sentence I’ve read in all of Wonderland, this has been my lifelong fantasy, to be chased by a giant duck and my daddy while I’m “pretending” that I’m afraid. Beautiful, stellar, delightful, spicy….

Man, that freaking cutscene is literally unprecedented and pure novelty, I never saw this before in Wonderland! I love it so much!
Scarella: Cracked so hard when Scarella got creeped out and just walked away, ridiculously humorous and funny, amazing! :lol: :lol:
Peegue Meeting scene: Hilarious, but hey! At least his plan is foolproof! Great jokes!
First Chase: Great usage of the linkedobjects, very fun chase!
Second Chase: Oh god, this one was insane, I loved every bit of it, but the turtle part was a little too tight for me, the rest of it was really good and I can’t believe how creative these marvelous concepts are implemented in your levels. :shock:
Burstflower puzzle: smart usage of the burst cooldown mechanic, a little tight but I loved it anyway.
Lure puzzle: Ah, very cheeky one, it took a while to get them arranged properly, then I remembered how weird the pathfinding is in this game, man this coup really showcased the best pathfinding puzzles out there.
Overall, your dialogs were really funny, lots of crazy interactions between characters and things I would never expect from a game like Wonderland, masterpiece cinematic, and insane escape. Another classic high-quality Jutomi level right here! :P


You can’t, but I’m built different. ~ You, the player.

This is the review I was really excited to write about the most, because holy cow, you took my brain for a freaking ride, and my only wish is to forget your entry so I get to experience this work of art a second time. Let’s begin!
House: Great looking house, lots of bookshelves, too! I like how David’s head is just chilling there, scenery is pretty cool here! (I think that’s David? Idk)
Login section, first puzzles: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF WHAT IS THIS, I love everything about this virtual place, the theme, the amazingly unique puzzles, and the ambience flooding my ears, it felt like I was in some ascendant plane, wow. I never knew we can have magic immobile and linked to a seperate entity, I have no words to this concept and I really want to see more of this!
Registration page section with the zbot: Oh god, there’s more gorgeous scenery, this is so beautifully made! :cry:
It felt like something out of a wild dream, I had the urge to play some of Risk of Rain’s 2 music while playing this, but your music selection was spot on in which I didn’t need to do anything but just enjoy the gameplay. Unique puzzles, vivid scenery, great dialog, I feel like I'm repeating myself but this is one heck of an adventure.
City-ception area: very fun, and chaotic, loved it. My only wish was if the Cuboid usage was more obvious for the second part, this way I don’t need to load back, but its no biggie!
Magic beach puzzle: wow, the negative lighting in here is well-placed, the whole place gave me some retrowave vibes, something out of a dream, and I loved it. Very cute puzzle too!
Baby Boomer temple puzzle: stunning scenery, puzzles were good here but one thing I wished for is to know where exactly I have to start, it did take me some time to figure out eventually, but it was a lovely puzzle to play.
Blink canyon puzzle: this has got to be one of the most beautiful decorative levels in WAE3, I have no words to express how outstanding the scenery is in this one. My only issue was the gameplay part, it felt a tiny bit tedious at some tight parts, but overall it can be managed rather quickly, this level is unforgettable and especially its gorgeous decoration. :o
Jungle was an atmospheric journey, loved it too, music is soo good in this one.
End: Ah, choosing between two evils once again! I definitely had to take the boss route, and I’m glad I did that because I think this is the best boss fight made in WA. The warp that shows up on phase 2, the wraith lasers, and the meteor firestorms, perfection. I have nothing more to say. Thank you for dropping this masterpiece, I really hope we’re getting more work from you in the future! :D


This will hit the spot nicely after eating those wee stinkers and baby boomers from earlier! ~ Peegue… What the he-

Man of the hour, MNIK. The guy who put all of this together, bravo! I’ll be emphasizing more about your later works once I'm done expressing my thoughts about this amazing entry. here we go:
Ah yes, a coup with the primary cause stirred because someone is hogging comms in voice chat, thank you, Peegue!
Blood cells area: wow, I have never seen a puzzle like this before, using brr to traverse past chaotically flowing red blood cells is insane, nice one!
Transporter / firetrap puzzle: this puzzle looks great! I did end up with spare pop, since I just created two ridiculously long brr bridges connecting between both buttons, good puzzle anyway!
Moobot / wee stinker: minimalistic, simple, neat, outstanding. This puzzle is one of my favorites from The Coup Within because of the intelligent usage of the rainbow coins, wow. :o
Chomper upgrade puzzle: I think I broke this one, since I didn’t use most of the bottom section, including the second range upgrade. But I love this idea and would be interested in seeing more of these puzzles again.
Baby boomer floing / spring puzzle: Very simple and compact, and super fun, thanks!
The chomper / red round button puzzle: This one takes the cake out of all the puzzles you’ve made in coup within, you used three objects only to fabricate this masterpiece. I may be overdoing it but damn, I felt so dumb when I asked for a hint or two on this devious pathfinding puzzle, a world-class example of pathfinding puzzles.
Barrel / flash puzzle: Smart usage of the flash magic, great one!
Disco puzzle: my second favorite, love the design of the puzzle and the detail into making a disco dance floor, really glad you used this puzzle before another entry which utilizes this concept in a much more sinister way, so thank you. :P
Grow / spikeyball puzzle: Super creative, I never knew that was possible in WA, WOW! :shock:
Floing / autodoor puzzle: …I never knew this was also possible, you’re blowing my mind here! :lol:
End part: yeah the suction / blink part was cool, a little tight at the end but it was fun.
Hit or Miss, but you just never miss! This is definitely one of the more enjoyable puzzle-packed adventures you’ve made, small problem from my part was the first music track, at first it sounded cool but then it was very audible to the point that I had to lower the game volume, but the other music choices were great, thanks for the fun!


NO!!! MY NFTS!! ~ Peegue
Are you ready for me? Because I’m certainly ready for you. ~ Peegue.

I really don’t know where to start with this work of art, this is the best action-packed gameplay segment I had throughout the whole coup, spot on callbacks to previous incidents and dialogs, and a perfect way to end the coup hub… well.. Almost, there’s still one more…
Escape: Very intense, I love how you stacked the whole crew in front of the giant moobot, great attention to detail and fun escape!
Boss 1, Cookie’s boss arena: first callback that I adored a lot, you brought back the battle and made it more mechanically intensive with the changes, I knew this adventure is getting wilder and wilder!
Boss 2, Eugeep, Joseppy’s UI and movement-mimicry: Wow, this is an idea that I have never seen before, and the way you made it progressively harder by causing the buttons to move was just the icing on the cake, delightful!
Boss 3, Minimus’s Arena and the Gulliver drink: glad to see my personal favorite boss battle in this coup was upcycled again! I kinda wished the lasers were a tiny bit forgiving with more time, but the battle was top-notch quality and fun! Also, seeing buff Stinky again was worth it, ORA ORA ORA!!! :twisted:
End: “Drew listen, you have to-“ and then he gets vacuumed back to the mirror world was great, but HOLY CRAP that’s some crazy foreshadowing that I only realized by replaying the level again, WHEW this was spicy! :shock:
This was awesome, huge respect to your dedication into making this happen, I think you made something memorable for anyone who would stumble upon the coup collab and play it, thank you for this!
I also decided to not write anything about your last entry, since I might be repeating some thoughts, the battles were awesome and the twist at the end was superb! Thanks again for everything! Oh and I read the "hall of fame", sorry about all the trouble with my puzzles... :oops:


Since you’re a woman, you would be the perfect woman for my crew. Join my crew. ~ Drew, the player.

I don’t know how you do it, whether it’s the way you construct your ideas into sentences, or the context with the humorous intent, but you’re one of the most talented writers I’ve seen in WAE3 community. There’s a lot of innovation coming from the dialogs alone, getting a foolproof crew to conduct a “foolproof” plan is one example I can think by originality.
Scourges: a little tight, but relatively simple and fun. The scritter puzzle isn’t frustrating and I liked the little misdirection at the beginning. Also, Comodor is such a wuss, god.
Ice nation: wee stinker ice rink was straightforward but fun, the servant trying to find out the most optimal way to solve the ice rink puzzle was funny and ironic, and it was a solid part too. :P
Monk Ontivi: this part was fine, great dialog and exchange between Drew and the monk, loved it! :lol:
Tropical Vacation: this was alright, most of the color switching buttons felt out of place, but it was ok. Also, you got Peegue to overthrow Peegue, perfect Peegueception (another great example about how innovative your work is!) :)
Ending was great but I kinda wished there would be a little bit more of gameplay / dialog as I loved how far off it developed, but I can live with that. Thank you for making this, onto in the second entry!



God what a cursed level, I really like the oversized room, but there are a few notable things in this level.
Key / Peegue’s Secret: This made me laugh more than I should, once again a peak of your writing brilliancy! :lol:
There’s not much I can talk about this one, since I really like the first entry you’ve made, this one felt shorter and had less content, but it had some great dialogs.

DreW, SaW ??? Not a coincidence – Nobody

D.W., you’re literally a girl. Die. ~ Drew, the player

Another marvelous piece of storytelling from you, this was more enjoyable compared to the second entry of yours, I only have two notable things throughout this.
SAW tests: Peak humor, I like how Billy isn’t even recognizing how broken his tests are, hilarious! :mrgreen:
End: very interesting turn of events, you tend to break the fourth wall consistently and it works like a charm, it never feels forced either, nicely done! :)



*Barrel jumpscare* ~ One of the options when talking to Homer.

One of the funniest entries in the coup collab, what a rollercoaster of an adventure this was!
First puzzle: cute puzzle, fast to solve but I liked it…. Man what is happening with the music what :lol:
Baby boomer puzzle: it turns out that playing this one with widescreen ruins the experience, I replayed it without the advantage and this is such a beautifully made puzzle, it’s so neatly placed I’m glad I went back to replay it, more pathfinding shenanigans! 8)
Internet, Inward Helix puzzle: Honestly I had no idea what was I doing half of the time I had to seek your help on the last puzzle LOL :mrgreen:
Netherlands puzzle: Man this puzzle was awesome! It’s so simply put but it’s elegant, I loved figuring out how to solve this, well done!
Pcpuzzle: We broke Morklin, Morklin is broken :D
Loved the dialogs in this one.
Zombo.com: Welcome…. To Zombocom, This is Zombocom, Welcome. This is Zombocom, Welcome to Zombocom, I am this close to shooting myself in the head than to hear another Indian like accent guy welcoming me to freaking zombocom, thank you for this nonetheless. :lol:
Broken zbot maze: I think this was one of my less enjoyable parts in this adventure, I liked the concept on how this leftist zbot turns way differently than usual movement, but it’s such a huge puzzle it got a little boring halfway through, that being said, it’s a solid concept and I’d be interested in seeing this utilized again!
Overall, the story plays out nicely with the rest of the coup, and this is a very detailed entry in my opinion, great work and good luck with your future adventures!
that wraps it up, cumulatively speaking. There's still two (three?) arcade levels left before the 100% completion mark, and some entries have different routes I can take so I need to revisit those, but the progress will be much slower now.

I think I overdid it on my part but the work that has been done from each and every person made me feel that everyone deserved a praise. I love this community, thank you all for making this, can't wait for the next endeavor! :)
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by Sammy_P » Tue Apr 04, 2023 4:54 pm

Just about done here with all the levels. Only have a few arcade entries left and some loose ends in a few entries (not to mention coins and parts of Joseppey's levelImage) but wow. Wow wow friccin wow this is such a wonderful creation. From silliness to sheer insanity to seriousness and darker themes this hub is not only an incredible community effort but brilliantly plotted out, the way each entry actually works with one another through the hub is incredible. I love this.

Genuinely this is incredible proof that the WA editor and the engine in general can be used not only as a great mode of storytelling, but also that we are far from ever running out of originality with this. Seriously, some of these puzzles are :shock: and sometimes Image but I had a lot of fun throughout. Can't wait to see where the next collab goes.

I'll write thoughts about other entries individually eventually. :^)
ab-47 wrote:
Thu Mar 30, 2023 4:22 am
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At least it's easy to remember. Thanks for your thoughts on my level by the way. For the record, the puzzles in the Peegue's Puzzle Page section were actually from those puzzles on the website. Yes the Z-Bot one was an endeavor but in terms of insanity it was too good to pass up. Plus most of the other puzzles on The Midnight Post were super graph-theory based and there wasn't a lot to work off of otherwise. Plus it was fun watching people lose their minds about it on stream.
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by TwingleTheScraggler » Wed Nov 15, 2023 8:46 am

To whoever created the Zap-Bot NPC, thanks! And thanks for putting my name in the dialogue!
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by MyNameIsKooky » Wed Nov 15, 2023 11:54 pm

TwingleTheScraggler wrote:
Wed Nov 15, 2023 8:46 am
To whoever created the Zap-Bot NPC, thanks! And thanks for putting my name in the dialogue!
That would be me, since I worked on almost all of the hub areas. Thanks for enjoying Wonderland Endeavors. :)
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Re: Wonderland Endeavors 2022: THE WONDERTOWN COUP COLLAB

Post by |Cookie| » Wed Dec 06, 2023 9:16 pm

What a baller.

This is seriously one of the best wonderland content out there. My brain cells decomposed at some parts, but that's a fair cot to pay, it's so worth it.

Going to write my thoughts on all adventures later on when I'm free. But until then, PLAY THE COUP COLLAB!!!!!!!
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